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    August 11, 2016 @ 8:25 pm

    Highlighting Social Anxiety Disorder and Appreciating The Walking Dead - Ep. 4

    Dr. Nikki Frousakis is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in California, and works with the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center of Southern California and the Department of Veterans Affairs. In Episode 4, Dr. Frousakis joins Martin on Psych Rally to clarify perceptions about the diagnosis and treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder. In addition, tune in to hear their thoughts about the main psychological themes on AMC's The Walking Dead, and find out why Dr. Frousakis once did jumping jacks at a Whole Foods salad bar.

    Episode 4 is sponsored by: TZK Seminars

    Mentioned in Episode 4:
    The Mind Matters series on YouTube
    The Reality Slap by Russ Harris
    Hold Me Tight by Dr. Sue Johnson
    AMC's The Walking Dead

    Clinical Psychologist Dr. Martin Hsia practices with the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center of Southern California in Glendale, CA. His specialties include helping people with Anxiety Disorders, OCD, and Insomnia.

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